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Short Stories



RWA Spicy Bites Anthology: Masks

A collection of 11 erotic short stories from the Romance Writers of Australia, all with their own bite sized happily ever after.


My story (Beneath the Mask) is a paranormal romance about a sexy wolf shifter and a feisty female mortal who get stuck in a cabin during a blizzard. Let's just say, they don't stay cold for long ;)


I had so much fun writing this story and I hope you love it!! Drop me a line and let me know. 


Grab your FREE ebook copy in Kindle Unlimited or for only 99 cents on Amazon. 

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Swallow Creek Spring Fair



First place in the 2017 Calliope Country Carnival short story competition.

Paranormal suspense.


A quaint country town, hiding a deadly secret.

Amelia craves an adventure. To trade her hectic, smog-filled existence, for the majestic, fresh clean countryside. If only for a day. And an invitation to the Swallow Creek Spring fair, is the perfect excuse.

But something strange is luring tourists to the town, and Amelia soon discovers not all is as it seems. When her adventure suddenly takes a frightening turn, Amelia must race to escape the town limits before it's too late.

But can she make it out alive?



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