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Welcome to the secret section on my website for newsletter subscribers only! Here you'll find lots of freebies to devour in between my book releases! Enjoy! xx

Bonus Material

Interviews with the Guardians

Every now and then I visit the Guardians and do a little Q&A! Here they are! But be warned... some of them are complete chaos (and it's all EJ's fault)!!


Interview with the Guardians

(holiday edition)


Part 1

(the Guardians)


Part 2

(the Soulmates)


Part 3



PNR Flash Fiction

I teamed up with a group of awesome authors to create some short, swoony monthly flashes of PNR fiction. 

And the best thing is you get to read them for FREE!  Each story has a theme and visual prompt to

accompany it!  

Wild at Heart FF-4.png

The Return

(rejected mates)

Wild at Heart FF-3.png

Shadow Knight


FlashFiction March.jpg

Lucky Charmer


FlashFiction March-2.jpg

Forgotten Love


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